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I am a born again Christian, I was saved (born again), when I was nine years old. I have had a hard, tough life. Mainly because after I was born again, I got away from God. I got involved with drugs, criminal behavior, and just totally wrecked my life, because I put mammon (this world) before my God. I am trying to get my life back into God's grace, I still backslide, and sin everyday. Which I will sin the rest of my life, I just need to keep God first in my life, and the sin will diminish. We are human, therefore, it is our nature to sin. All we can do is asked forgiveness and to do our best to keep God first in our lives. Let me tell you Friends, God will deal with you, to get you back. He has me, like I said my life has been hard, and no its not Gods fault, but mine.

I truly believe the Rapture will happen within our life time. So I beg you all, please get your life strait with the Lord. If you are not a born again Christian, please allow the Lord to enter your heart and save your soul. Believe me, Hell is real, and no one in there right mind wants to go there. Even the people that don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of them still believe in Hell. Can you imagine, living for the rest of time in a lake of fire. Think of it this way, every year the summers are getting hotter on this earth. People complain about the 100 deg. temp. and high humidity. Well the lake of fire will make those days look like a walk in the Antarctic.

Don't wait, and backslide like I have done. Please get your life right with Jesus now. I'm not preaching, I just don't want my brothers and sisters of this world, to miss out on the love and joy, the Lord has to give us all, like I have for the last 24 years. Thank you and God bless you, and remember Jesus Loves U 2.

Also, I am going to(or would like to) make Websites for Jesus full time, if the Lord allows me to.

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