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Before You Kill Yourself.... by: Renee T. Lucero (as reprinted in "Dear Ann Landers", Dec 12, 1995)

Suicide - STATISTICS, Copyright © 1996 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Practitioner's Column Facts on Elderly Suicide Jane L. Pearson

Why does it happens A brief Explanation of Factors Contributing to Sexual Abuse Kate Cohen-Posey, MS ©Feb., 1991

24 Stages of Growth For Survivors of Incest Developed by Karen Lison, M.A. Based on the work of John Dean, Ph.D. "Outcome Milestones for Treatment Evaluations", Copyright 1980

A test to see where you are hurting -- INNER CHILD INDEX OF SUSPICION -- Source: "Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing you Inner Child" by John Bradshaw. Bantam Books. p. 81-172

Some information from "The First Scofield Reference Bible". Copyright © 1986 by Barbour and Company, Inc.

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