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Posted by chevmann: How can I help the ones who have been hurt by me?
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I am an abuser who was caught. Both me and my victim became Christians whyle the abuse was going on. I have admitted all to the police and I want to help my victim, her mother and her family recover from the harm I have caused. A friend and fellow Christian recently read me the riot act and pointed out how I was being selfish about what was going to happen to me in the legal system. He was absolutley right. I was worring about what might happen to me when I should be worring about what the victim is going through and what effect this will have on her in the future. Does anyone know any way I can help them. Resources that I might reccomend. I still communicate with the victim's mother via email. I am very sorry for what I have done and will do anything to make amends for it. May god bless them and keep them from harm.

I forgot to mention, the victim's mother and I are married and we have 3 children together. I have visitation with my children about once a week. Staying away from the victim is easy. I have an ankle bracelet and I am not allowed to go within 1000 feet of their/our house. My wife still loves me, God bless her, although she does not want to see me or speak with me for any length of time. I cannot stay away from her when she meets me with my children so that I can visit them. If I don't see my  own children I am in danger of killing myself. They are my only reason for living. My wife says that divorce has crossed her mind but she wants to see how God leads her. I am very fortunate and blessed by God in order to have such a wonderful woman for my wife. Since this has all come about I lost my job because I all of a sudden did not show up for work when I was arrested and I had no way to contact them so I was fired. I am out of jail on bail pending the outcome of the trial which could take up to two years. I was the only source of income for the entire family. Our Church has been helping my family out finacially but times are tough and I have not been able to find work and only God knows how long the church will be able to support them. My wife has allready applied for all the government help she can and it's not very much. There is just not enough money to cover all the bills. If anyone knows of a program that she can receive support, please let me know. God bless all who read this and I hope my postings will be a help to those who have hurt others or been hurt by people like me. I am interested in starting a type of group to prevent offenders from offending before the damage is done. I will talk about this in future postings. Bye for now.

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