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Posted by Jesusrocks: How to forgive??
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Hi, im new to this forum and am in search of a question that has been bugging me for a long while, i was molested by my granddad from the age of 5 to 15 ( it only stopped when i reported him this year and refused to hav anything more to do with him) my family all think that now i dont see him, i am ok, and do not need any help, so naturally i hav gone along with it, but still i can not stop the reacurring nightmares, and hatred to all men ( especially those older than myself)
i talked to my youth leader about this, and she told me simply that until i learn to forgive my granddad i never will get over it, so that leads me with the simple question of how on earth do u forgive someone like that.
i am not aloud to tell my siblings about what my granddad did to me, as my mum and dad are worried that they will no longer love my granddad, so my granddad is brought up on a regular basis, as my brother and sister question when they will be able to see there granddad and nanny again!  i just wish i could get out of this nightmare i am living in at the moment, if anyone else has/ or is going through the same as i am now pls pls help!! because im not sure how i can get my lfe back to normal

Hi, I'm sorry you had to go thru that. 
You can ask God to give you strength and help you to forgive him.  Jesus has forgiven us for everything we have done wrong, all we need is just a little bit of that strength, faith and love to forgive others. 
One day you will forgive him, but you will never forget about it and will hold some resentment towards him, but God can help with that as well. 

I will keep you in my prayers for God to give you strength and to help ease your pain.

And when all else fails just remember,
Jesus Loves U 2 he always has and always will.

hey there Jesus Rocks..... just wanted to reply to your message to let you know how proud of you i am for taking the step forward to report what happened to you! that shows that you do have strength. as for looking for forgiveness, we all know that it is a necessity, and that doesnt mean that it is easy (yes, sometimes it takes time, remember you are human, but through the grace of God it is possible )! i am sorry that you have to relive your nightmare at your home as conversations arise, but please allow the Lord to calm your anxious heart and lead you to professionals who can help you deal with the crisis mode that you are living in!

many blessings and prayers for you!


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