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You Too can receive one of Our Awards - You Must this read First
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To Apply for or Suggest a Site for an Award.

Link to the Awards is:  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

~Please Apply in your OWN Post, Do not High Jack someone else's post (You Must register to post)~
"We Will Give Our Awards To Those Sites That Show Divine Love And Inspiration"
Absolutely...No Adult Content Sites...Store Sites...Spam Links...Etc...
~I Like Sites Everyone Can View...~
~Thank You~

To Apply, Do the Following:
1. Please post a link.
2. Give a description of your site.
3. Tell us why you would like an Award.
4. Tell us which Number (beside each award) you would like to have.
5. Provide in pm or in post the email address you would like the files sent to, (or state to use the email in your profile).

These special new awards CAN Only be Applied for here in the Forums, so please don't write asking for it or take it without my permission. The "You Touched My Heart" award is given when a person or place that has touched me in some way or another... It may be friendship...wonderful music...a wonderful
web site...tears...giggles or smiles or a special kindness you have shown...all of the above or just some... This is just my small way of saying
thank you for touching my heart with your special spirit...

If you do not follow the above, we will not even view your link and will delete your post.

Thank you.
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