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I've been looking for hwlp fo rthe longest time... I still haven't found it.
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It started in seventh grade for me... after my grandpa died I was devasted.

My grandpa died in february of 2001 and in august of 2001 I made my first attempt at suicide. It was in the middle of the school day with a couple of my friends... I found a broken pencil and jabbed it into my wrist. I was so sad and confused, all I knew was that I wanted my grandpa back or I was going to find a way to join him. Over the years i have made many attempts to tale my life, none of them successful (obviously).

Compounding to this, my family constantly put me down... yelled at me, called me useless, worthless, and would wish i had never come into their lives. I was always told that I could never do anything right and made to feel like a failure. Even my relationships with my friendsbegan to turn for the worst.... There would be years in my life where no would want to talk to me at all... I felt.... still feel isolated and invisible... worthless, and meaningless. Like my life has no meaning to it and I was a mistake... Like GOD made a mistake by sending ME to this earth.

I just want some one to tell me that I do belong here... or I'm afraid I wont be here very much longer.

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