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Why should I Donate?
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Why should I Donate to this site?

Well for a couple reasons.

We use donations to pay for the Domain Name, Web Space, Web Hosting, Band Width, etc.

Also Donations keep us from placing adds on the site to cover the same cost. I myself hate going to any website and being hit with adds, even if  they are related to what I'm viewing or not. I go to the Web site to see the Site not to see adds for stores, other Sites etc.  And without Donations thats what we will be forced to do to cover cost.

So far 99% of the cost has been out of my pocket, which I do not mind doing, but I can't afford to keep doing it all myself.

All I ask is do as the Lord leads.  Donations are not required and never will be, but they do help and are appreciated.

God Bless
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